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Client Success Stories


Please enjoy this note from a friend:



“I met an amazing special education teacher  and she is a former Ruby’s Place resident and client. She escaped an abusive marriage and was homeless with her small son. Your program helped her so much and she was empowered and able to complete her degree and take care of her son. Now as the special ed teacher, she also cares for other people’s children. In case no one has told you recently, you and your staff at Ruby’s Place are doing important work and saving lives. The community is lucky to have dedicated people who are willing to do the hard work to help these survivors recover and rebuild their lives.”


And here’s a recent note from a former client:

“Although I was stranded and my situation was not good, Ruby’s Place was really a good place to turn to in my time of need. Maria was really supportive and compassionate. I always felt comfortable talking to her.  I was always able to come to her to address any concerns without fear of offending her – she always listened and provided good information. This was very important to me as I had just left a very bad situation. Tracey was very sweet and genuine, she even followed up with me regarding a concern I had after I exited the program. I cannot speak for everyone, I can only express my experience here and it has been very satisfying. The staff was professional but not over the top- they were understanding. If you come here with expectations to succeed, and utilize the services and resources, you will be successful here-they will help you. Ruby’s Place was very good at helping me come up with a solution to fit my needs- just tell them what you need and create a plan. I have also received help with clothes, food, supportive services, and ultimately a place to live to get myself together. The home itself is beautiful! I always said, whoever reconstructed and decorated this place definitely had the employees and residents in mind. The stove is massive. I always felt like a chef when I cooked on it lol. They even had wifi(wow!), so my daughter had no problem connecting to the internet for her studies. And the home feels safe- that is very important! I slept with my window and door opened in the Bay Area lol- can’t tell me it’s not a safe place. I’m grateful for Ruby’s Place. I did not expect to be treated so well especially after my experience with a previous non profit organization. Once I am settled, I hope revisit Ruby’s Place to give back. You will find me working, ministering, and contributing to places like this. God Bless!!”