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Ruby’s Place is a non-profit agency in Hayward providing shelter and supportive services since 1972 for families and individuals who experience domestic violence and human trafficking. Ruby’s Placeis the first incorporated shelter for women and children in the state of California and in 2017 we opened the first adult male labor trafficking shelter in the United States.

The Vision of Ruby’s Place : Safe and stable families, one person at a time.

The Mission of Ruby’s Place is to provide prevention and supportive services to the community and people impacted by domestic violence or human trafficking.



Empowerment and Strength Perspective
We look at everyone from their strengths and build on that.

Maintain a Safe Environment at all Times
Maintain a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, for everyone involved.

Community Building
Consistency and teamwork among staff are essential ingredients of a safe, strong community. Everyone must be empowered.

Avoid Power Struggles
Get in your CAR (calm, aware, and respectful) self before, during, and after crisis situations. Present yourself as an ally and assess your body language.

Pro-action verses Re-action
Timing is essential in effectively managing a crisis situation. Use good judgment and do not under-react or over-react.

Do No Harm
Clients can often be re-traumatized or triggered by situations or people. Be aware of your actions, words and body language. The client’s best interest is our number one priority

All services are accessible and available to clients from diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles.
Embrace an ongoing commitment to actively and honestly working together as a team among staff and with clients to explore and seek solutions to barriers for better access for diverse families.

Maintain quality collaboration between staff, outside providers, and the community by fully utilizing existing services, advocating for new ones, and participating in outreach
Maintain ongoing collaborations to provide new opportunities to increase the quality of interactions between and among government and community-based organizations; to challenge partners and the community as a whole to enhance and increase knowledge, greater service effectiveness, and better outcomes for families.

Our Programs

In 2016 we were awarded our first federal grant through OVC (Office of Victims of Crime) U.S. Department of Justice for a Comprehensive Services program for All Victims of Human Trafficking. With this award, we provide emergency shelter for survivors of human trafficking, specialized human trafficking case management and therapy and a strong focus on wrap around services through collaboration with our grant partners: Love Never Fails, Alameda County Family Justice Center and MISSSEY. This funding will also allows our staff and grant partners to become certified human trafficking case workers through the 40-hour human trafficking training, provided by MISSSEY. This is among the first of programs with this type of focus on human trafficking in the country, and we are at the forefront.

In 2017 we further expanded our Human Trafficking program with the award of a two-year grant from the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES). This funding serves survivors of human trafficking by supporting and expanding the services in place and strengthening partnerships with new and current partners. Specifically, we have increased capacity for human trafficking case management, therapy, assistance with basic needs and emergency bed spaces. The partnerships funded through this grant will specifically increase capacity for housing, legal assistance and crisis intervention.

In October 2017 we were awarded a two year grant from California Office of Emergency Services to serve male victims of human trafficking, in conjunction with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.  On that day, we became the first male trafficking shelter in the United States. We are pleased to support three men rescued in an FBI sting as they move into their own apartments. Our staff along with partners, provide services which include assistance with obtaining social security numbers, work permits, CalFresh, legal services and employment search.


Also awarded in 2017 was a CalOES Housing First program which allows us to assist current domestic violence clients with rental subsidies upon successful completion of the shelter program. When victims of domestic violence leave their abusers they are often left homeless. Finding safety at our shelter is the first step. The second step – finding an affordable and permanent home – can be the hardest step of all. Our “Housing First” program quickly moves survivors into affordable, stable homes with short-term financial assistance and a long-term plan. To date, twelve families have graduated from the womens shelter and now receive rent subsidies and case managment directly from our staff so that they may eventually become independant.

Through the support of our community stakeholders we have expanded and enhanced services over the last 46 years to include intensive case management services for our clients in both shelters as well as families in after-care (residing in permanent housing located through our HUD Linkages Program and our housing first program), individual therapy, early childhood therapeutic services, parenting supportive services, and domestic violence training for community members. Onsite services include comprehensive case management which consists of: life skills group, housing assistance, employment assistance, legal assistance, referral to social services agencies, and CalWORKS eligibility/enrollment. We also offer a no fee Mental Health Community Outreach Program out of our Administrative Offices for memebers of the community needing therapy for sexual assult.

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We have a strategic plan to construct a new facility on the land we currently own in Hayward, CA. We will construct a new building on current vacant land to replace the existing aging buildings and build a modern, safe, and welcoming facility. The construction would happen in phases, allowing us to continue operating to save lives. The new building will be a 10,000 square foot , two story facility that will almost double our existing capacity. If you’d like to learn more or be a part of our Development Team, please contact vera@rubysplace.org